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What do you do with all those half-used paint cans, cans of ant and roach killer, household cleaners, and gas cans? Many families face these challenges every day, and they are just not sure where to place them. There is just not enough room typically around the house to store all these items in a safe and hard-to-reach place. We have to think of how to prevent little hands from reaching them and accidentally using them or worse swallowing them. So many families use the air handler closet because it has a door and a high place hard to reach. Another place is if your air handler is in the basement, and it has an elevated flat top that makes it difficult to reach.

Well, these are great ideas for the hard-to-reach and out of sight, but it is presenting a major challenge for your air handler. Plus, it is putting your family’s health and safety at risk.


The internal parts of your air handler are prone to corrosion over time if not well maintained. Corrosion is a natural process on metal parts, but the introduction to harsh chemicals will speed this process up exponentially and unnecessarily. Many household chemicals like ant/roach killers, cleaning solvents, and especially gas will eat away at the coatings of the coil and cause it to prematurely break down. These chemicals give off gas when you use them, and the residue on the outside of the can will penetrate your air handler causing corrosion.


Many chemicals are at high risk for combustion. Gas, obviously, is a high risk, and we find people sitting in their gas cans nearby their units often. The risk increases with a Gas Furnace that has open flames to heat the unit. Other chemicals such as pesticides, paint thinners, acetone, and harsh cleaners are combustion hazards as well.


Leaving a half-used gallon of paint is a concern for a spill hazard. If the lid is not put on completely, and those things are hard to ensure they are sealed completely, it could easily be bumped and turned over. All it will take is someone walking through bumping a can of paint, cleaner, or another solvent to drop down and spill into the unit or ductwork. This could be a very costly repair that is preventable. The unit could be destroyed once paint would enter the unit because you could not remove all the paint in those cracks and hard-to-reach corners. Other chemicals could destroy the unit as well. Not to mention the odors created from a spill entering the ductwork.


These chemicals are introduced into the ductwork and moved throughout your home where your family breathes them. The particles are very minute by the time they reach your nose, but over time, they will add up. It could be creating allergic reactions, runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes, headaches, or coughing. Your family may not rest well at night, and you cannot figure out why. You cannot smell the particles or chemicals, but they are present in your air quality.

All it takes is a quick survey and inspection of your air handler unit to ensure there are no chemicals, paints, or other solvents sitting nearby or on them. It is a good reminder to help protect your family’s safety and improve air quality in your home. Make it a routine plan when you change your air filter to survey the air handler closet and space around it to ensure there are no chemicals nearby.

It is recommended that your unit undergo 2 inspections and cleanings a year typically during the Spring and Fall to ensure the integrity of the systems. These inspections can identify any visible problems and help prevent corrosion through cleaning. The goal is to protect your investment and to ensure a long life of your equipment for the comfort of your family.

Contact 3D Air Services, LLC so we can inspect your HVAC units to help protect your family, and we can do an Indoor Air Quality test for your family.

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