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Have you ever wondered why your energy bills seem to be abnormally high? Or why your HVAC system just doesn’t seem to be up to par? If so, you may want to consider Aeroseal. Aeroseal is a patented, revolutionary technology that has the ability to reduce air leakage in duct systems. Let’s take a deeper look into what Aeroseal is and some of its benefits for your home.


Aeroseal works by sealing the leaks in your ductwork from the inside out. The process begins with the use of a computerized diagnostic system that measures airflow and locates where leaks are present in your ductwork. Then, special polymers are injected into the ducts, which stick to any surface they come in contact with. This seals off any holes or gaps while still allowing air to pass through without issue. Finally, another round of tests is conducted to verify that all the leaks have been sealed up properly. What’s more, Aeroseal comes with several benefits.


Traditional methods of sealing ducts can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, leaving homeowners at a loss for what to do when their heating and cooling systems aren’t performing optimally. Aeroseal is an innovative technology that provides a more affordable, faster solution to ensure houses have proper airtightness. By using aerosolized particles, seeping air leaks in your ductwork are permanently sealed from within so that conditioned air reaches its intended destination with minimum energy losses or leakage.

As much as 40% of the energy used by central air conditioning or heating systems can go to waste due to inefficient ducts, but Aeroseal combats this issue by reducing both costly and energy-wasting leakage. The end result is increased efficiency, which translates into lower energy costs month over month! You won’t have to put up with frequent temperature swings or watch exorbitant utility costs skyrocket. Instead, you can enjoy the comfort and savings associated with Aeroseal’s advanced sealant technology.


When ducts aren’t properly sealed, they can become an unwelcome haven for allergens and pollutants. This can lead to inhaling these contaminants, which causes unpleasant respiratory symptoms like allergies and asthma. Fortunately, Aeroseal provides an innovative solution to this problem. This specialized technology can assess ducts for leaks and effectively seal them off with sealant particles, blocking the access of pollutants inside.

As a result, indoor air quality is vastly improved: mold growth is limited, dust is filtered out more efficiently, and pests no longer have the means of infiltrating buildings through ducts. By taking advantage of the latest technology in air sealing systems like Aeroseal, there’s no need to be exposed daily to dangerous contaminants that can harm one’s health over time.


Temperature control plays an important role in maintaining a pleasant living and working environment. Unfortunately, leaks in ductwork can disrupt this climate comfort and negatively affect the ability to regulate temperature effectively. Fortunately, Aeroseal technology solves this problem. By injecting tiny polymer particles into the cracks and voids of less accessible parts of your duct system, technicians are able to seal up difficult-to-reach leaks that would otherwise go unaddressed.

As a result, you have improved temperature stability and energy efficiency throughout your entire building that’s also more comfortable for occupants. The unique engineering of Aeroseal creates a seamless bond and solidifies the system so that maximum air conditioning flow is delivered without any loss due to leakage or faulty ducts. It’s a smart solution that minimizes repair costs while enhancing the performance of your HVAC system!


Noise pollution is a major concern for many people in our modern society and can have serious negative impacts on quality of life and overall well-being. Ductwork leaks can be a major contributor to this noise pollution, as air is forced through the gaps to create sound that disrupts our daily lives. Fortunately, Aeroseal provides an effective solution; it seals cracks and holes in ductwork, reducing the noise flow from these gaps and making our buildings much quieter. Not only is Aeroseal more efficient than other methods of sealing ducts, but it also completes the job faster.


Aeroseal is an innovative means of sealing ducts within the walls and ceilings of buildings with minimal disruption. Unlike traditional methods, Aeroseal doesn’t require ripping apart walls or ceiling panels, nor does it necessitate any other major modifications to the structure. Instead, Aeroseal is able to seal air leaks without requiring builders and technicians to access the internal components of a property.

Thanks to this minimally invasive approach, homeowners and commercial building owners alike don’t have to worry about their property being drastically altered by duct sealing projects; instead, the small discharge tube that comes fitted with Aeroseal’s patented machines allows technicians to quickly and easily introduce sealant into a facility’s ductwork without creating so much as a single hole in their property.


Aeroseal is a revolutionary duct sealing product designed to provide lasting results that can endure for years on end. This efficient system is a cost-effective solution to air leakage in substandard duct systems. It forms an adhesive sealant within the structure of the building, blocking air drafts and preventing future damage. Through this game-changing technology, you don’t have to constantly maintain and repair your ducts due to ongoing leaks. Aeroseal creates a permanent fix that won’t require frequent upkeep or additional money down the line.


Aeroseal’s commitment to the environment is unmatched, as their sealant is 100% water-based and doesn’t create emissions or toxic fumes. This means that Aerosol usage can be monitored much more easily, and that any effects on our environment are minimized. Not only do homeowners get effective air sealing with Aeroseal, but they also get the assurance of being eco-friendly. Compared to other options, where toxic fumes may occur during application, Aeroseal offers a safer alternative that still provides outstanding results.


Utilizing Aeroseal to seal duct leaks can have remarkable benefits in the performance of HVAC equipment. By decreasing air leakage, the strain on these systems is dramatically reduced. Also, because of improved airflow, the efficiency and longevity of the interior mechanicals are greatly improved. This means significant energy savings as well as cost savings for maintenance and repairs.


By investing in Aeroseal, homeowners and building owners can be certain that their house or building is well-maintained and increase its overall value. This innovative product seals even the smallest cracks and holes to ensure energy efficiency, improve air quality, reduce energy bills, and protect the property from weather damage. Not only do these positive effects add to the comfort of the space, but they also improve its worth over time.


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